Uncomfortable Revolution™ is looking for freelance journalists to write about the intersection of chronic illness, disability and pop culture.  

Our overall tone is humorous, authentic, and a bit quirky. We are never preachy. 

We define "chronic illness/disability" as any physical or psychological health condition that is long-term and affects a persons everyday life. 

What we're NOT looking for:

  • Commentary on medical/clinical/pharmaceutical/nutritional products or practices.
  • Anything that's not written in English. This is really our failure because we are monoglots. :(
  • Pieces solely expressing your own personal opinion about a topic [i.e no op-eds].
  • Subject matter that (whether intentionally or not) discriminates against an entire category of people (ethnicity, gender, political persuasion, religion, sexual identity etc.)
  • Your own personal stories (please submit personal stories here).

What we want you to pitch:

  • Authentic, true, newsworthy stories about the intersection of chronic illness or disability and pop culture.
  • People must be at the centre of the piece. 
  • Journalistic stories that will make us laugh, shout, scream, die slowly inside, cry, or want to hit somebody. 
  • We will consider listicles, short-form, and long-form pitches.
  • We love original high-quality photos (this is a bonus, not a requirement).
  • Include a bio of no more than 100 words written in the third person, plus links to your social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and a portrait photo. 
  • Expected remuneration. 


  • Freelance journalists must have a visible track record of published articles covering pop culture and social issues.

Contributor Rights and Payment:

  • Uncomfortable Revolution will retain all rights to the article. 
  • We currently pay freelance journalists reasonable market-based renumeration for their contributions based on their experience, newsworthiness of the article, and the complexity of the subject matter. 
  • We will always promote your authorship with your work, even if published elsewhere, on our website and social media platforms. 
  • All contributors receive full credit and author profile page with links to your social media profiles and/or blog on urevolution.com
  • If your pitch is accepted we will send you a long-form legal contract covering our terms and conditions.